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Spare Parts

Al Mashriq Co., Ltd. provides you to order the used parts 20 ft and 40 ft containers from Japan to your country. We give priority to the quality of the parts and make sure you get best. Our highly experienced staff is always at your service to understand your requirements and source you the exact parts stuffed in container and exported.
For our customers (who want to import Japanese used spare parts in bulk quantity) we are able to supply all kind of used spare parts of the cars. Besides it, we can support in dismantling cars for the costumer who is interesting to dismantle the used cars for the used spare parts. We can deliver all mechanical electrical and electronical parts of the used cars in 20 feet and 40 feet containers. Please come and join us to get the best quality of Japanese used car spare parts in bulk quantity.

Place your order now and get used parts at Best Price!!

Half-cuts and Nose-cuts
Half-cuts and Nose-cuts are simply vehicles which have been cutted for parts. You can choose and order cars for parts from auctions or stock. Then we will cut them according to your requirements. For each unit, you can give us specifications and list of required parts. Nose-cuts and Half-cuts will be shipped in 20 feet Half Cut (8-12 units) or 40 feet containers (18-21 units).

Nose Cut (13-15 units) or 40 feet containers (33-35 units).

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